The blight of multi-CD installs

I installed Centos 5 on a VM this morning using CD images. By default, the install requested CDs 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. I removed every package group I could find other than base, and the install informed me that I would need CDs 1, and 5. The install progressed, and the progress bar reached the very end before it requested CD 5. I reluctantly attached the ISO, anticipating that I was about to witness something excruciatingly disappointing. The 5th CD was only used to install a single library package. Really? Really?

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The blight of multi-CD installs

3 thoughts on “The blight of multi-CD installs

  1. john johnson says:

    well i understand the frustration, and its well placed, but it is acutally possible to install off a single CD, you just need to remove ALL the package groups, including Base. (this stands for centos 5.0 through 5.5).

    this can be easily rectified after the install with “yum groupinstall Base” off of some network mirror.


    1. jharvey says:

      Nifty. I guess I was thinking back to the old days of Debian where de-selecting the Base package group would result in an unbootable system 😛 Thanks for the tip!

      Would still be nice if at least the base package group was moved onto CD 1 🙂

  2. Lol, I was actually over at my buddies house the other day, waiting on him to do something, when I pondered the multi-disc install myself.

    I was bored, so I was looking through his stack of operating system discs, when I ran into his CentOS discs. By the time I reached disc 5 or 6, I was smiling a little bit remembering the last time I had to do a multi-disc install and how much of a pain it can be.

    Of course, right after those, he had a net install disc, but dvd or network support is not always an option…

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